I reorganized my site. Genealogical information is the only item that has been removed and that information is available on another server, but many items are relocated and some are renamed. 
The most likely areas of problems are: 
  • All genealogical information has been moved off this server and relocated, including JC Halbrook's "The Holbrook Reports" 
  • The Excel Macros have been moved into a non-browsing directory into the technical information subdomain 
  • The Pictures of my Travel Trailer have been moved into their own subdomain 
  • The Misc subdirectory index has been moved to a main page 
  • Great White female, rxtraman explanation, Email changes and Capt. Williams postcard have been moved from the Misc subdirectory into the main directory and were renamed with non-menomic names. 
  • Weather pictures have been moved into the other subdomain 
  • You might also check this summary sitemap  
  • Summary Sitemap 
  • Sorry for any confusion this has caused. If you still can't find what your looking for, send me an email and I'll do the best I can to correct the problem.